World Water Day, $134.

There’s a good chance that your reading this within 15 feet of a clean water source. If you were to get up and walk over to that source right now, the chances are even better that the faucet, spicket, or nozzle works, delivering clean water to your glass on demand. That is unless you’re reading this in India.

One out of three water wells in India is broken. But you can help change that.

$550 can help train one Indian mechanic who can care for 50 wells. That adds up to 5,000 people with renewed access to clean water.


The Adventure Project is attempting to raise $25,000 before midnight tonight (it’s World Water Day). If we can do this, the Prem Rawat Foundation will match all $25,000 dollar for dollar. That’s huge.¬†Are you #pumped? I am.

So what is $134 all about? 185 bloggers have signed up to take the message of fixed water wells to their audiences. Each blogger is shooting to raise around $134. I’m already at $60, so I know we can do this.

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