New York City Sounds Since Monday

As New York City recovers from hurricane Sandy, this New Yorker tells the story through the sounds coming through his window.


Monday evening felt like we could be any other windy place but New York City. Silence except for the sound of sporadic gusts of wind.


Late Monday night brought the sounds of fire engines, police and ambulances rushing to places like the Rockaways and Red Hook. Going to bed knowing that so many brave souls were heading into danger for the sake of others is at once comforting and disconcerting.


Tuesday as the city woke up to survey the damages the hum of saws cutting through downed trees played background music for the shock most of us felt refreshing New York Times’ “Live Update" for more devastating, but captivating news.


Most New Yorkers knew that Wednesday would be yet another day without going into the office. The streets filled with people of all ages enjoying freedom and an escape from cabin fever. Bars truly turn to their original Public House form after events like Sandy.


We’ve reached noon on Wednesday and restless New Yorkers, still without any access to subways, have resorted to cars and cabs to make it into work in areas with electricity. Major arteries of the city, clogged with traffic, squeak with the sound of continuously stopping cars and agitated horn blasts.

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