I didn’t win a new iPod. I won a new community.

@SethDaggett got me hooked. #LRTweetup made me stick around.

Let me back up. I joined twitter in February 2009 so that I could follow a discussion. @markaelrod, a political science professor at my alma mater, mentioned this weird string of letters on his blog that him and some other folks would be “following” on twitter during a faux State of the Union Address. That strange set of letters proceeded by a pound symbol really had me confused that evening, so I didn’t come back to the twitters until a month later.

When I got back to twitter Seth introduced me to charity: water (you can read that story here). I was smitten. It quickly struck me how twitter levels the playing field, bringing me right inside the offices and lives of people that before I could have only hoped to read about in the New York Times.

Fast forward to mid August 2009. @tsudo and I signed¬†Little Rock up for a¬†@twestival at the same time. Seriously. @amanda sent us an email saying “Do you two know eachother? Because you both signed up at the exact same time.” We both said “no” and that we would get together to figure out how to move forward. That Friday I met @ghidotti, @bryanjones and @angelmg along with Keith at EJs. Twitter grew for me that day. These four other Little Rockians had amazing ideas and hearts of gold. Again, I was smitten. My first #LRTweetup experience would be at Cajun’s Wharf to announce the twestival and then at the Clinton Library for the big event itself.


Still, it wasn’t until I went to an integrating media conference that I knew I would never turn back. @pstrack gave away several iPod Nanos. I didn’t win one, but after that day I won a new community. I met @amybhole, @cherylferg, @KatieMcManners, @RobMcBryd, @kerrijack and so many other exceptional personalities. #LRTweetup finally made sense. There would be no more holding back. My wife would permanently think me a dork, but I would forever be a card carrying member of the Little Rock twitter community: #LRTweetup

2010 has a few changes in store. I’m moving to New York with my lovely wife. I’ll hopefully be starting exciting new work and meeting hoards of new folks. I won’t lie. I hope for the same twitter community experience there, but I seriously doubt that I’ll ever find another group as closely knit as the one that I found here in my home town. So like those who have gone on before me, I hope that my #lrtweetup family will allow me to commute.

This is my twitter story.

Photo by @jgreghenderson.

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