Winners of the Juvenes Translatores competition in the European Union. Winners from each of the 27 EU member states were chosen in late 2009 and were rewarded with a trip to Brussels.

I’m a big fan of this idea. It reinforces the the removal of borders and barriers. 

Good work Berlaymont.


Looking forward to sitting down with this when I get a second.


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Suggested Reading

Mario_MontiMario Monti, once head of the European Commission’s Competition arm and now president of the prestigious Bocconi in Milano, appears in today’s (July 29, 2009) opinions section in the Financial Times.

Mr Monti is probably best known for his 2001 showdown with Jack Welch, then GE’s top dog.  Monti and his band of Berlaymont wizards shutdown a massive merger between Welch’s GE and Honeywell.

Today’s opinion in the FT “Watchdogs of the World Unite” offers thoughts on moving forward with antitrust and anti state aid (Eurospeak for subsidies) regulation the world round.  I hope you will read it.