The sentiment expressed below makes me think that Scout and I are brothers.



kings of leon performing “happy alone” in 2004 when they were all on lots and lots of drugs and sound better than they do now. this song will always sound like summer to me and since i’m sitting in my 94 degree bedroom, i think it’s appropriate to indulge.

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TGIM! Girl Crush, from the stellar music library of Nicole Boddington.

Thank God It’s Mixday
1. IRM / Charlotte Gainsbourg
2. 2012 / The Gossip
3. Zero / Yeah Yeah Yeahs
4. Satelite Mind / Metric
5. Won’t Want For Love / The Decemberists
6. Drive On, Driver / The Magnetic Fields
7. Where Do You Run To / Vivian Girls
8. Fall Straight Back / Eternal Summers
9. Sooner / Asobi Sesku
10. Close To You / Hesta Prynn
11. Actor Out of Work / St. Vincent
12. Reccomendation / Mirah
13. Change of Heart / El Perro Del Mar
14. The Pharaohs / Neko Case
15. It Wasn’t Me / Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins
16. I’d Know / Bonnie Montgomery

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