The sentiment expressed below makes me think that Scout and I are brothers.



kings of leon performing “happy alone” in 2004 when they were all on lots and lots of drugs and sound better than they do now. this song will always sound like summer to me and since i’m sitting in my 94 degree bedroom, i think it’s appropriate to indulge.

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On the Street….The Artist Lunch, Paris" - The Sartorialist.

Today is unofficially (meaning only I celebrate it for now…) The Sartorialist Friday. Translated: I like to let a few days go by before checking up on thesartorialist.blogspot.com so that I can scroll through more real street fashion at once. Will you join me in making this day slightly more official?


Today is the big day.  Childhood literacy is the inspiration.  Blog for Books Friday is the idea.  Today, the Central Arkansas twitter community shares a common motivation: We want to stress of the importance of reading to children in honor of #twestival local charity, Reach Out and Read Arkansas (@GiveBooksAR).

When I started thinking about my favorite children’s book I quickly thought of “Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch.  Why?  My Dad’s Mom read it to me when I would stay over at her home.  I still remember her voice reading it to me.  It made me feel special and I remember it made my Grandmother cry (and laugh too!).  Now, as I think back I am so grateful that Grandmother chose "Love You Forever" as the go to book.  Now, as I think forward I am am hopeful that children all over Arkansas will have books at home that their parents or grandparents read to them.

That’s why I whole-heartedly support Reach Out and Read Arkansas and Little Rock’s first #twestival local event.